Fruit & Nut Village
Fruit & Nut Village has become well established in Stirchley over the past two years and
people are now often seen with spade in hand out in local green spaces working as part of
this project. They run orchard planting workshops and fun family days. Activities vary from
picnics in an orchard to hole digging and planting up trained fruit trellises. There's also tree
grafting, to create new fruit trees.
Part of their work includes work behind Stirchley Library and Stirchley Baths. Using a small
patch of land between these buildings and Stirchley Park a group has come together to
improve the look and use of the space by creating a community garden. The garden is
being constructed from reclaimed wood and wood from locally felled trees. Once planted
up with tree s, shrubs, herbs and vegetables the space will give food all year round to local

As part of the design of the site wildlife is being encouraged and a space for children to sit outdoors and learn has been included. It's going to look very welcoming once it's completed.
If you are over 50 and you'd like to get involved then contact Fruit & Nut Village...


or turn up at 1pm on a Monday.