About Us
We are a constituted, not for profit group of local residents, traders and people who have an interest in Stirchley.

We formed last summer after the rejection of a proposed Business Improvement District brought us together to ask what changes we wanted to see in our area.

Our aims are:

• To bring together and foster understanding among the traders, residents, people who work in Stirchley and neighbours from the surrounding areas.

• To promote mutual support and joint aid among our members.

• To fundraise for the good of the people of Stirchley.

We want to improve Stirchley for the benefit of everyone who works and lives in the Stirchley Area.

We believe the development in Stirchley High Street and Stirchley’s cultural life over the last five years is proof of the material benefits which can be achieved if we all work together to promote Stirchley.

To date we have organised Christmas window competitions, three summer fetes and three community Christmas parties.

We have lots of plans for the future of Stirchley and are always happy to welcome new members and new ideas. You can find out more, and how to get involved on our website.
Our constitution is available to view by downloading the PDF file.
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