S106 Funding
Thank you folks, we really appreciate your time taken completing the questionnaire.

The survey closed at midnight August 31st so apologies to anyone who put in their comments after this time which have been excluded.

If anyone would like to speak to the elected committee members of Stirchley, the Way Forward you are very welcome to email our secretary directly:


I thought it might be of interest, but 54 people have given their emails so we will be better able to keep you updated.

There were 69 further comments: Below is a selected sample of local concerns and genuine compliments and appropriate StWF response. I sincerely hope this helps to allay any concerns you may naturally have.

StWF are at present in negotiations with Birmingham City Council concerning the S106 funding.
S106 Survey Results

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S106 Statement of Intention and Proposals
Statement of Intention:

StWF would appreciate the opportunity of applying for a grant of £100,000 plus £10,000 administration costs from the Tesco S106 fund.
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Proposal for improving Stirchley for the benefit of residents and traders using a grant from the S106 MONEY June 2019.

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