Food Assistance

The Active Wellbeing Society are providing food parcels directly to homes of those who need this support now and up to the end of March 2021. 

How to access the assistance:

If you are working with anyone that requires some extra food, then please get in touch on 0121 728 7030. Individuals can call directly too.

  1. The friendly call centre team will ask for details to support with understanding the person’s needs
  2. Food parcels will be delivered within 72 hours
  3. This will enable other Active Wellbeing Services to be accessed as required, including the Listen and Connect Service and Wear and Share Service offering clothes to be delivered directly too
  4. The Listen and Connect team offer a befriending service and can signpost for further support in areas like budgeting and health services
  5. They will be able to provide the support needed to get the individual feeling supported and more resilient

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